Your Beer!

What could be better than MORE BEER?

While the extinction rate of the iconic neighborhood British Pub could drive you to drink, Nano-Breweries are frothing over in the US, especially in New Hampshire. For this Nano, satisfying the craving for quality, experience, and community overshadows dreams of corporate merger. The Deep Ecology of our vision for Local Beer Community targets the focus on “enough” rather than the often well camouflaged snare of “more”. I am frequently asked, “What are your plans for growth?” or told, “You could be the next Sam Adams!” The reply is simple. No one mourns the loss of a Walmart store the way we keen the passing of the third generation, creaky-floored, downtown hardware store with jumbled boxes of everything you need actually IN an old kitchen sink. No, no one is going to buy fancy cars and beach houses running a Nano-Brewery, but we can all commit to a more human future by building and engaging in our own, unique, Local Beer Community. Community Supported Brewing is THE revolution! Be a Rebel with a Beer Community!

What could be better than

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