Necessary Joy!

From the earliest age we have been ashamed of Necessary Evils. All the things that we feel enslaved to perpetuate, generation-to-generation, lifetime-to-lifetime. Saint Patrick was a free-born Roman Briton, enslaved and after hard years of work as a herdsman in Ireland found joyful purpose in life. Some Aboriginal cultures don’t even have a word for work. It is only known as “doing”. Joseph Campbell spoke of the essence of the Bodhisattva, “to Joyfully participate in the sorrows of the World”. We are often enthralled to some other purpose and there are always very real sorrows in our world. But in a world were work is just “doing” and “joyful participation” is a Celebration, evils become superfluous and it is Joy that is necessary! Necessary Joy! Our birthright to Celebration!

Join the Celebration! Aleman, the Spirit of Celebration!

AleMan has spoken.