1oz samples are "On the House"
flight of 4 (4oz) $6
tasters with ABV over 8% are a "short" (2oz) pour.

Please note that NH law allows breweries to sell up to one four oz. taster of each beer to each person.

We do not serve food and we are not permitted to serve pints.
😢 BYO snacks is great! Fox Country Smoke House is just around the corner and they have some great snacks like smoked nuts, cheese and jerky! Once, someone even brought fresh oysters!!

We only fill our own growlers.
*****If you bring another growler in, i'll trade ya!

32oz growler fills, $7
(higher ABV prices as noted)

Growler bottle $6

Growlers are for “off premise” consumption only.


$10 “Ale Assets” give like gift certificates, use like cash!

Be Hoppy! ON TAP!

India Pale Ale 6.5% ABV 80 IBU 10 SRM

Don’t worry, Be Hoppy with AleMan’s India Pale Ale! The dominant floral-citrus notes from cascade hops are the signature of this classic hop driven East Coast American IPA. Don't worry, Be Hoppy! with AleMan as your guide.

Canterbury Ale ON TAP!

American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV 38 IBU 8 SRM

Journey into excellent balance. Citrusy cascade hops and crisp subdued malt destine this golden all American Pale Ale to become a refreshing home-town classic with AleMan as your guide!

Old Darn Bard ON TAP!

British Brown Ale 4.5% ABV 26 IBU 22 SRM

Whether in the din of a smoky English pub or at the next floor bouncin’ kitchen junket,Old Darn Bard goes down as easy as the conversation and as smooth as horse hair on a fiddle string!

Val-Halla Weizen all out

Bavarian Hefe Weizen 5.4% ABV 11 IBU 3 SRM

This traditional German summer wheat ale is hard to be without year-round! Because of its alluring, uniquely quaffable effervescence bursting with flavor, a Weihenstephaner yeasted Hefeweizen is said to be “The Nectar of the Gods”. Old Gods or new, when you try it you’ll think you’d died and gone to Valhalla!

Granite Ledge Stout ON TAP!

Espresso- Oatmeal Stout 5.9% ABV 30 IBU 40 SRM

Who’d have thought the little town of Canterbury would have it’s own brewery AND coffee roaster! A jazzy dose of Oromo Buna matches the dark roasty malts of this silky smooth oatmeal stout. Drink up the richness that Canterbury has to offer with AleMan as your guide!

davESBeer back soon!

Extra Special Bitter 5.8% ABV 40 IBU 12 SRM

Fuller than most, Aleman’s ESB is sure easy to get Hooked on! Just ask Dave! Lots of great British malts are complemented with a bunch of British hops - just a “Tube” stop to Piccadilly Circus with AleMan as your guide!

Smoke House Porter
all out

Smoked Robust Porter 5.8% ABV 38 IBU 28 SRM

Smoke House Porter is a robust, malty, mahogany ale with smoked malt from our neighbors Fox Country Smoke House. Smooth, complex undertones of coffee, chocolate, subtle smoked malt and a light hoppy finish will embolden you to never be afraid of the dark again with AleMan as your guide!

Tim’s Bitter Boddi ON TAP!
Best Bitter (English Pale Ale)

4.5% ABV 34 IBU 10 SRM
Being a Brit, Tim wouldn’t be without an ample supply of this quintessential easy drinking English beer to cheer on the Red Devils with his mates. The envy of the scousers and soft southerners, this Best Bitter is a simple malty thirst quencher and tongue loosen-er; the beer that builds Empires in corner pubs and inspires British accents all over the world!